Website of Sander Heinsalu, PhD candidate in economics at Yale, alumnus of the University of Tartu.

Sander Heinsalu

PhD candidate in economics at Yale

I am a sixth year PhD student in economics at Yale, finishing in May 2014. In the autumn I will start working as a lecturer (tenure track) in the University of Queensland in Australia.

My job market paper studied signalling over time with noisy observation of the sender's effort. Noise and time result in rich dynamics. For example, there exist equilibria in which the high-cost type exerts strictly higher effort than the low-cost type.

My previous research was on mathematical models of unawareness, which is the kind of uncertainty under which the decision maker does not know what he does not know, or in other words cannot list all possible outcomes.

I am from Estonia and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Tartu.

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Noisy signalling over time

Job market paper. Online appendix.

Universal type structures with unawareness

Forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior. Working paper version.

Equivalence of the information structure with unawareness to the logic of awareness

Journal of Economic Theory, 2012. Working paper version.


Game theory


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